Cytori has produced complex computerized medical devices, unique cell processing reagents, ground-breaking research and novel clinical therapy approaches.

Step 1:
Harvest the fat using Cytori’s Celution® 530/CRS Collection Instrument Set, which is optimized for use with the Celution 800/CRS Device to maximize viable cell yield. The Cytori 540/CRS Delivery Instrument Set contains everything you will need to return the cell-enriched graft tissue to the patient for the best possible results.

Step 2:
Extract the stem and regenerative cells, and mix the purifi ed fat with the cells to create the cell-enriched graft using Cytori’s Celution® 800/CRS System, which automates and standardizes this process.


Step 3:
Deliver the cell-enriched graft to shape the body or face for an aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking result using Cytori’s Celbrush™ micro-droplet delivery device.